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Getlife Senior: the Life Insurance for seniors.

It is a specific insurance that adapts to the needs of adults over the age of 50 up to the age of 80. It can be recruited in a few minutes without the need to undergo medical examinations.
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Life insurance for the elderly up to 80 years of age

Insurance for the elderly is an easy and modern product that tries to eliminate the lengthy processes and paperwork involved in arranging the protection that each person needs. The insured is provided with personalised advice by life insurance experts. You can contract by telephone with their help or online.
With this policy you can also make changes to the guarantees, the capital or the beneficiaries and even cancel the insurance policy at any time, through the customer area or by contacting your adviser directly.

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Why take out your Senior Life Insurance with Getlife?

In short, Getlife's life insurance for the over 50s is a product that always thinks about the needs and objectives of each policyholder. It is a product created by people like you, who know what you really need and who will explain all the information you need at all times. It is a policy that is easy to take out and manage and that adapts to you in whatever circumstances and at whatever stage of life you find yourself

This product for seniors aims to fully cover all the needs and objectives of people of this age and above. A person over 65, for example, finds it very difficult to find a product with the right conditions in today's market.

That's why Getlife has created a fairer insurance policy, which can be taken out in just a few minutes without the need to undergo medical examinations or submit reports. Just by answering a short questionnaire, the premium price is calculated, the best product for each person is offered and insured instantly.

The Getlife policy is a completely transparent life insurance policy, in which each person can count on the personalised advice of an expert. He or she will not only explain all the conditions of the product and resolve any doubts that may arise, but will also accompany the policyholder throughout the entire contracting process. What's more, once the product has been taken out, the insured can request help from his advisor at any time for any procedure he may need to carry out.

Coverage included:

This product will provide financial assistance to persons of the policyholder's choice in the event of the policyholder's death. It can also be used to support the insured person if he/she suffers an Absolute Permanent Disability.

With the compensation money that the beneficiaries receive, they will be able not only to cover their daily needs but also to cover outstanding debts, such as the mortgage loan, cover the costs of their children's studies or any other expenses they want. In the case of invalidity benefit, all expenses arising from the insured person's new situation may also be covered.

Ultimately, the main benefit that the insured obtains from a life insurance policy is the peace of mind of knowing that no matter what happens, even if he is no longer around to protect his loved ones, they will be well protected and will not have to worry about debts, loans or financial problems that may arise.


The main requirement for taking out a life insurance policy for seniors is to be between 50 and 74 years of age. However, you can be insured up to the age of 80.

In addition to this, there are some other circumstances that also influence the possibility of contracting this product. One of the most important is the health situation of the insured person. It is true that our product is suitable for people with pathologies such as diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, etc. There are more serious illnesses that could be an obstacle to purchasing insurance.

Another essential requirement for insurance is the payment of the premium. As long as payment is made, the policy is active and the insured is covered.

Life policies without medical examinations Getlife's product can be taken out without medical examinations or reports. The risk is measured by means of a health questionnaire, which also asks a number of questions about the insured person's situation, such as age, hobbies or work activity.

Supplementary guarantees:

When we talk about the guarantees of a life insurance policy, we refer to the risks that are covered by the insurance policy. This term is often confused with insurance coverage, but it should be borne in mind that by coverage we mean all the protection provided by these products, not only the guarantees, but also other conditions such as capital or additional services.

Within life insurance, the main risk is always death, and from there, different additional or supplementary guarantees can be chosen.

The maximum age for taking out this type of product varies depending on the institution, although it is usually around 65 years of age. In the case of Getlife, this is somewhat higher, up to 74 years in the case of the basic death cover.

It should be noted that the maximum age will depend on the guarantees taken out. Generally, the supplementary guarantee of Absolute Permanent Disability can be contracted up to an age limit lower than that of death. In Getlife, this limit is set to 64.

The maximum age for taking out a life product with Getlife is 74 years for the death guarantee. In this situation, the insured may renew the policy and remain subscribed until the age of 80.

If you wish to take out the supplementary Absolute Permanent Disability guarantee, this limit is slightly lower. The maximum age to purchase the insurance is 64 years old and you can be covered up to the age of 70.


We offer transparency at all times, the insured will always be informed about the coverage, exclusions, benefits and other features of your product. Our experts will answer all your questions before you sign up.

A fair price that is adapted to each customer's situation. We value all situations in order to offer the best price and the best product to each of our customers.

The main difference with traditional insurance offered by other companies is the use of new technologies and artificial intelligence in the different processes. These advances allow the policy to be taken out quickly and easily, without paperwork and avoiding the tedious and often weeks-long processes of other companies.

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More advantages of the Senior Life Insurance with Getlife

With no minimum term

You decide when you leave, instantly, without paperwork or explanation.

Paperless, 100% digital

You can sign up, modify or cancel it yourself directly in your Getlife customer area.


No hidden fees. The only ones on the market with monthly premium payment without surcharge, as it should be.

We are experts, not sales advisers on the phone

We are not telemarketers, we are expert life insurance advisers and we are available to help you only if you need it.

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FAQs about Getlife Senior insurance

Why should you take out life insurance?

You decide when you leave, instantly, without paperwork or explanation.

The main purpose of life insurance is to protect your family members in the event of your death. Securing your family's future will always be the right choice. If you have people who depend on you for their livelihood, life insurance will be the financial support they will need if you are no longer around to provide it.

While this is the main reason to buy risk life insurance, there are more benefits it can also provide.

How to insure a senior citizen.

The process for contracting the senior product offered by Getlife is simple. As with the company's other products, the option of taking out a full online contract is available via the website.

In addition, Getlife offers the help of its life insurance experts free of charge. In this way, each customer will have personalised advice at all times. From the outset, the policyholder can ask any questions he/she may have without obligation and, if he/she wishes, can complete the entire policy with the help of the advisor.

Does the insurance cover funeral expenses?

Getlife's product offers the possibility of early payment of 10% of the contracted capital, with a maximum of €6,000 for burial expenses. In this way, with a single insurance policy, you will have the possibility of obtaining the coverage of a life insurance policy and a death insurance policy.

Who can take out a Senior Life insurance policy?

Getlife's senior life insurance is designed for people aged 55 and over up to the age of 80, and can be taken out up to the age of 74. From this age onwards, it is more difficult to obtain this product with good conditions and a high insured capital. At Getlife we want to give seniors the opportunity to take out a product that covers all their objectives. Is it necessary to undergo medical examinations? Getlife allows you to take out life insurance without having to undergo a medical examination or submit any reports. You will only need to answer the questions in a short questionnaire about your personal and health situation. For any age and any capital insured!

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