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Getlife Mortgage: the life insurance for my home.

Taking out a mortgage policy is a highly recommended option and with Getlife you can get very good conditions, covering the outstanding debt with the bank, and protecting your family members.
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The perfect life insurance for your mortgage.

The cost of housing is very high. For this reason, a mortgage loan is usually taken out from a bank. Paying off the debt to the bank usually takes a long number of years, between 20 and 40 years. A lot can happen during this time, which is why a life insurance policy is a great solution to protect you and the people you love the most.
With mortgage life insurance, if something happens to the mortgage holder, the insurance company pays off the debt. In this way, the insured person's family members can enjoy the home without any worries.

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Why take out your Mortgage Insurance with Getlife?

Mortgage life insurance is not compulsory in any case when you take out a mortgage with the bank, but it is a highly recommended solution, especially if you are the main income earner and have dependants.

Security for your loved ones through financial support for your family

Mortgage life insurance is a good solution to protect the future of your loved ones. It guarantees the full payment of the home, as it will be the entity with which you signed your mortgage that will receive the insured capital. In addition, your family will be able to receive the remaining part of the capital.

Peace of mind to cover mortgage loan and other expenses

A mortgage life policy is intended to cover the mortgage loan that the bank gives you for the purchase of your new home. It is a good solution to protect the people you love the most and not leave them with a financial burden if something happens to you.

Ease and flexibility from the hand of our experts

The best way to find a policy that really meets your goals is to take a good look at your situation, talk to an expert if you need to, and take out an easy and flexible insurance policy like Getlife.

Coverage included:

Main coverage

Death from any cause: The protection provided by a life insurance policy associated with a mortgage loan is highly recommended. Although it is not a compulsory product to take out, it is a solution that we should all have in order to secure the future of the people we love.

The main purpose of this product is to free up your family members so that they do not have to pay for your home if something happens to you. The compensation that the insurance company will have to pay will mainly go towards the payment of the debt that you acquired with the bank when you signed your mortgage.

Supplementary Coverage

At Getlife we also consider giving you the opportunity to take out a capital sum in excess of the debt or to acquire an insurance policy with constant capital that allows you, in addition to covering the payment of the money you have not yet paid, to give your loved ones extra financial support with which to cover other expenses, such as food, clothing or studies.

In short, Getlife's policy protects your family members in full, paying off your outstanding mortgage loan and giving your loved ones a portion of the proceeds for additional expenses.

Absolute permanent disability:
If you are unable to continue working, the insurance will pay the remainder of your mortgage and provide you with financial support.


At Getlife we have decided to think about the customer, and really offer a modern mortgage life insurance with an appropriate price according to the agreed conditions. This is where the switch (¡El cambiazo!) comes in, a project aimed entirely at helping the customer. All you have to do is contact us, tell us your bank and we will take care of the rest.

The switch!

Thanks to The switch! you will not only get a lower and fairer premium on your life insurance policy, but you will also get a modern and flexible insurance policy. You will be able to modify the conditions to better suit you and your situation. And if you no longer wish to continue, you can cancel at any time. Get the most modern, transparent and fair life insurance on the market. No minimum term, no paperwork and no small print.

What accidents are covered by mortgage life insurance?

This policy covers natural or accidental death. However, there are some situations that are not covered. The main exclusions in this insurance are accidents in certain high-risk sports, in high-risk occupations such as those related to aviation and bullfighting or illnesses prior to the signing of the insurance contract.

Supplementary guarantees:

The supplementary guarantee of Absolute Permanent Disability (APD) is supplementary and voluntary. Taking out APD is an add-on that you can decide to take out if you want more protection for you and your loved ones.

It is considered Absolute Permanent Disability when the insured person is unable to return to any type of work due to an illness or accident (including traffic accidents). In this case, the insurance indemnity will be collected by the insured himself. It serves as a financial support after the impossibility to remain employed and earn an income. In this way, the policy not only protects your loved ones when you are gone, but also protects you if something happens to you and you survive.

As with the death guarantee, there are some situations that are excluded. These will also appear in the policy and will be known by the insured from before the signing of the contract.


With Getlife's mortgage-linked life insurance policy, you can get an insurance policy that completely adapts to your situation and needs. We have created a modern, easy and flexible insurance policy that can be taken out in just a few minutes, choosing the guarantees and the sum insured you need. And if your situation changes, your insurance will change with you, you will be able to make all the modifications to your policy through the customer area.

With a life insurance policy for your mortgage you will ensure that your loved ones will be able to keep your home if something happens to you. In addition to completing the repayment of your mortgage loan, Getlife's mortgage life insurance will allow your family to obtain part of the insured capital.

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More benefits of Mortgage Life Insurance with Getlife

Cancel at any time

You decide when you leave, instantly, with no paperwork and no explanations.

Paperless, 100% digital

You can sign up, modify or cancel it yourself directly in your Getlife customer area.


No hidden commissions. We are the only company in the market with monthly premium payment without surcharges, as it should be.

We are experts, not sales people on the phone

We are not telemarketers, we are expert advisors in life insurance and we are available to help you only if you need us.

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FAQs about Getlife Mortgage insurance

Why should you take out life insurance for your mortgage?

You decide when you leave, instantly, without paperwork or explanation.

The main purpose of life insurance is to protect your family members in the event of your death. Securing your family's future will always be the right choice. If you have people who depend on you for their livelihood, life insurance will be the financial support they will need if you are no longer around to provide it.

At Getlife we aim to ensure that everyone gets the protection they really need, with a life insurance policy that suits their needs. An insurance policy that you can take out 100% online in just a few minutes. It will only be necessary to answer a short questionnaire. No medical exams or commercials - instantly insured!

While this is the main reason to buy risk life insurance, there are more benefits it can also provide.

Is life insurance compulsory to get a mortgage on my new home?

No, under no circumstances is it compulsory for you to take out a life insurance policy in order to sign a mortgage. No bank can impose the contracting of a life insurance policy with them in order to obtain your mortgage loan. It is true that they can and usually do offer bonuses, i.e. better conditions for your mortgage for taking out a life insurance policy.

You should consider all possible options and make a comparison to see which is the best solution for you. Currently, in the Spanish insurance market, the price of life insurance offered by banks tends to be much more expensive than those offered by insurance companies, and can be as much as double the price.

Here we must point out the importance of doing all the calculations well, paying attention to the conditions that the entity and the different insurance companies offer you. Make sure you are taking out the cover you really need and choose the option that suits you best.

How long does my life insurance last if it covers my new house payment?

The Getlife policy is annually renewable, which means that it will be updated and renewed from year to year. Normally, when you take out the policy with the entity that offers you the loan, the duration of the insurance is equal to the years that the mortgage lasts. In such cases, it is possible to shorten the duration, but it would not be possible to lengthen it.

With Getlife the situation is different. If you consider that you still need life insurance when you have paid off your debt with the bank, you can renew it, as long as the maximum age allows you to do so. Thus, the duration of the Getlife product will be as long as you consider, because if you decide to cancel it, you can also do so at any time.

If I buy a house with my partner, can we both be policyholders?

When you buy a house with another person, the mortgage, like the house, has two owners. However, the life insurance cannot be the same for both, a life insurance policy must be taken out for each of the signatories of the mortgage.

Keep in mind that this product is taken out to support your family financially if something happens to you and not to leave them with large financial burdens such as the mortgage loan.

Ideally, when taking out two life insurance policies, both should cover the entire loan, so that if something happens to one of the policyholders, the other would not have any difficulty in paying the mortgage. Most commonly, however, they each take out equity equal to half of the debt. This way, even if the debt is not paid off with the single-owner policy, it will be easier for the couple to pay off the full amount

One of the reasons why a life insurance policy cannot have more than one policyholder, in addition to the fact that this product insures the life of one person, is that the price of the policy depends on the situation of the insured. Age, state of health or occupation are decisive factors in calculating the premium.

How long is life insurance compulsory in a mortgage?

As we have already mentioned, mortgage life insurance is not compulsory in any case, but it is a highly recommended solution, especially if you are the main income earner and you have dependants.

For this reason, as it is a voluntary product, the duration of the policy will be as long as the insured considers necessary. It is recommended that it has the same duration as the mortgage. However, if, after having paid a large amount to the financial institution, you consider that the other owner or heir of the property could take over the remaining debt without any problem, it is possible to take out insurance for fewer years.

In the case of Getlife, if you no longer need the policy, you can cancel it at any time, as our product has no minimum term. If, on the other hand, you have finished paying the money you owed for the purchase of the house, but you want your loved ones to continue to be protected, with Getlife you can renew your policy for as many years as you wish and, if you wish, you can modify the conditions and coverages.

Who is the beneficiary and receives the indemnity of my mortgage life insurance?

When a life insurance policy is associated with a mortgage loan, the beneficiary who receives the insured capital contracted is the financial entity that lends the money. In this way, the outstanding debt with the bank is covered and your loved ones can enjoy their home without worrying about paying it off.

Can I choose, in addition to the bank, more beneficiaries for my Getlife policy? That's right. One of the qualities of the product offered by Getlife is that it is an insurance with constant capital. This means that the insured capital contracted will not change even if the debt with the bank is reduced. For this reason, in addition to the bank, you will have to choose one or more beneficiaries who will receive the rest of the compensation.

Normally, when you take out a life insurance policy with the bank, the insured capital is decreasing, as it only covers the payment of the mortgage loan. Thus, as you pay off the outstanding debt, the contracted capital becomes smaller and smaller. In this case, the policy will only have as beneficiary the bank that lent you the money, without the possibility of also adding one or more loved ones.

What does it mean to have a constant sum insured in mortgage insurance?

When you choose several people as beneficiaries of your life insurance policy so that they can receive compensation if something happens to you, the money will be divided equally unless otherwise specified in the contract.

When selecting the people you want to protect and who will receive the insured capital contracted, you can divide it and select a percentage or a specific amount for each of them. For example, if you take out a €200,000 capital contract, you could choose for your partner to receive 50% or €100,000 and for each of your children to receive 25% or €50,000 each.

How much capital should I take out if I want the insurance to cover not only my mortgage but also my family?

In the case of mortgage life insurance, the recommended minimum is to cover the full loan repayment. However, if you want to have an addition for your family members to receive, you will need to think about their present and future expenses. The amount of capital to be contracted will depend on the situation and needs of each individual and family. A person who brings the main income to the household or is even the only source of money in the family and who also has, for example, three children, will need more capital than a person whose income is half of the household's earnings and who has no dependants. You need to consider all the variables when thinking about the amount of money you need to insure. You may not have children at the moment, but do you plan to have them in the near future? This changes the situation somewhat, as you will have to think about the costs involved.

How much does my mortgage go up if I remove the bank-associated policy?

If you were offered bonuses for taking out your life insurance associated with the mortgage, it is possible that when you cancel it you will lose these benefits and you will have a penalty in the conditions of your loan. It is also true that some banks will keep the clauses in place despite the cancellation of the policy.

Ask your bank about this and calculate whether or not the mortgage bonus is worth it, bearing in mind that the price of your insurance will go down significantly. To help you with this, there are various calculators on the internet that will do the operations for you and give you the result.

If you wish to calculate it yourself, you will have to carry out two operations, one with one interest rate and the other with the other, the subsidised and the non-subsidised rate. Check how much the monthly cost of your mortgage will be with the subsidised interest rate by adding the price of the linked insurance and then calculate the monthly price with the mortgage without the subsidy. When you check the two results, you are likely to realise that despite the bonus, you are paying more in the end.

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