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Getlife Family: the Life Insurance for families.

Getlife Family Life insurance protects your family members by providing them with financial support that will enable them to carry on if something happens to you and you are no longer able to care for them.
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Family life insurance to cover you and your loved ones

Not only in the event of your death, but also in the event of absolute permanent disability that prevents you from returning to work and thus bringing home an income. This will not only allow you to pay your daily expenses, but will also help you with the new costs that your condition causes.
The sum insured will go directly to your beneficiaries and they will be able to use the money for whatever they consider necessary. Food, studies, materials, clothing and all the needs of your partner, children and dependents.

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Why take out your Family Life Insurance with Getlife?

We give you 3 reasons to take out family life insurance with Getlife:

Security at the best price
To fully protect the people you love the most. The main reason to take out a family protection life insurance policy is to secure your future, your partner's future and that of your children. Affordable to protect all households, with monthly payment and no surcharge.

Peace of mind for you and your family
Tailored to your family. This policy gives you peace of mind, knowing that if something happens to you, the people you love most will have financial support to help them move on after their great loss. The life insurance that fits your family's needs. Modify your policy conditions if, for example, your family grows.

Ease: online and fast
An easy, online and fast contracting process. You will get a product that is easy to manage and adapts to you and your situation at all times. If you have a child and you think you will need to take out more capital and add him or her as a beneficiary, you can do so at any time. Similarly, if your children grow up and are no longer financially dependent on you, you can reduce the capital in your customer area with a single click.

Coverage included:

Getlife family life insurance protects you and your family's future.

If something happens to you, your partner, children and/or family members will be able to count on financial support that will allow them to continue without problems. Our life insurance has the following coverage:

Main - Death from any cause
When you take out this product, the most important thing to look at is what your life insurance covers. A policy of this type always covers the death of the insured, whether it is natural death, death due to illness or an accident (including traffic accidents). Therefore, your family will be protected if you die, whatever the cause.

Supplementary - Absolute Permanent Disability
In addition, if you take out the Absolute Permanent Disability cover, not only will you be protecting the future of your loved ones in the event of death, but you will also be protecting yourself in the event that you are unable to continue working due to disability for any reason. However, it is true that there are some situations in the contract that are not covered by the policy. These are the so-called exclusions that we will look at in the next section.


At Getlife we have created an easy, fair and transparent product. Therefore, when you take out your product, you will be able to know perfectly well all the conditions agreed with the insurance company.

In addition, if you need to, you can contact a life insurance specialist to explain everything to you and answer any questions you may have.

For life insurance to be active, there must be a valid contract signed by the insurance company and the policyholder. It will reflect the details of the parties involved in the insurance, their rights and obligations, the agreed conditions, such as the guarantees, the capital and including all the exclusions of the policy.

At all times, the contracting party will be able to know all the conditions and if he/she has any doubts, he/she can ask one of our life insurance experts to explain them to him/her.

Insured persons will always get a fair price adapted to their situation, based on the data provided in the questionnaire. And you will get a flexible product that you can modify as you see fit. You can modify the data and conditions of the contract at any time through your customer area.

Are all accidents covered by family life insurance?
Family life insurance covers natural or accidental death, but there are some cases in which you will not be covered by the policy. The main eexclusions are accidents resulting from hazardous sports, and work related to aviation and bullfighting. Nor does it cover illnesses and accidents prior to the signing of the insurance contract.

Supplementary guarantees:

Life insurance for your family comes at an affordable price with Getlife. Tailored to your situation and needs. You will be able to pay month by month for your convenience and there will be no surcharge.

The application process can be completely online, but if you need it, there are life insurance experts available to answer all your questions and help you through the whole process. They will be able to advise you on what guarantees you need, what capital to take out or who to choose as the beneficiary of your policy.

Although, as a general rule, there are exclusions in life insurance policies such as some pathologies, those pathologies of medium seriousness, can be covered, but in exchange an additional premium must be paid, and many times, you will not have the possibility of taking out supplementary guarantees such as Absolute Permanent Disability.


  • It is the perfect solution to protect your future and the future of your loved ones. Getlife Familia is an insurance product that will allow your family to have financial support if something happens to you.
  • In the event of your death, it will allow you to pay your daily expenses or ensure that your children continue their education. These are some of the goals you can achieve with life insurance for your family.
  • With Getlife life insurance you can make all the changes you need at any time. Change some of your personal details, your account number, remove or add the chosen beneficiaries, the guarantees taken out and even change the amount of capital insured that you have agreed with the insurance company.
  • All changes will be instantaneous, except those that influence the insurance premium, such as changes in guarantees and capital. There the insurer must accept the modification, give a new price according to the new conditions and the insured must accept it.
  • Monthly payment in instalments without surcharge.

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Protect your loved one in minutes, without leaving home

Cancel at any time

You decide when you leave, instantly, with no paperwork and no explanations.

Paperless, 100% digital

You can sign up, modify or cancel it yourself directly in your Getlife customer area.


No hidden commissions. We are the only company in the market with monthly premium payment without surcharges, as it should be.

We are experts, not sales people on the phone

We are not telemarketers, we are expert advisors in life insurance and we are available to help you only if you need us.

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FAQs about Getlife Life insurance

Why should you take out life insurance?

You decide when you leave, instantly, without paperwork or explanation.

The main purpose of life insurance is to protect your family members in the event of your death. Securing your family's future will always be the right choice. If you have people who depend on you for their livelihood, life insurance will be the financial support they will need if you are no longer around to provide it.

While this is the main reason to buy risk life insurance, there are more benefits it can also provide.

In what situations will my loved ones not receive compensation?

The situations in which the beneficiary does not receive compensation are those that are not covered by a family life insurance. We must bear in mind that these are facts that are always reflected in the contract signed between the insurance company and the insured. In this way, the person who takes out the policy will know before purchasing the product all the conditions of the product, including the situations excluded from the policy.

One of the most common exclusions in life insurance, and one that is also compulsory according to the Insurance Contract Law, is suicide during the first year of the contract. This condition is the same for any company, as they try to stop a person from taking out life insurance when he or she is already planning to take his or her own life.

Are all accidents covered?

All accidents are covered as long as they are not caused by the events mentioned in the previous point. For example, with Getlife's family life insurance, motorbike accidents are covered, regardless of the vehicle's engine size.

It should be noted that if the death or disability is caused by an accident during the practice of a sport or profession considered risky, such as motorcycling or climbing, the insurance will not pay compensation to the beneficiaries, as these events are not covered. Other professions such as those related to bullfighting or aviation (pilots, stewardesses, etc.) will not be insurable either.

If I go abroad, will I still be covered?

That's right. Getlife family life insurance from Getlife covers you at all times, wherever you are. The Getlife product is for residents in Spain, but this does not mean that if you go on a trip and the claim occurs outside the national territory, you are not covered.

You should be aware that the policy will cover you both in the country you are going to and on the journey. All accidents in transport as a passenger are covered, including air accidents, as long as they are regular commercial flights or charter flights (aircraft for private use). Similarly, if for safety reasons it is necessary to make a parachute jump from the aircraft and the insured dies, the life insurance will also cover this.

What capital should I take out to protect my family well?

The choice of the sum insured to be taken out is very important and varies according to the situation of the person taking out the policy. The amount of money needed by your family members will not be the same if you are the only source of income in a household of 6 people, as the amount needed by a family where two people bring in income and there is one or no dependents.

Which family member should I choose as beneficiary?

The choice of beneficiary is a very personal one. The person you choose will be the one to receive the compensation and therefore manage how to use it. Who depends on your income and will need financial support when you are no longer around?

On the one hand, choosing your partner can be a good option, as you want to protect your children's future as well as theirs, and there is no one who can do it better than the other parent.

But what if your partner, who was the beneficiary of the policy, dies as well? The insurance money will go to your children, but if they are minors, the money will be managed by their legal guardian. It is important that you know who the person is who will take care of your children and that they are someone you trust, who really cares about them and will look after them as well as you would.

When choosing the beneficiary or beneficiaries of your life insurance, think carefully about who you want to protect and whether that person will use the money for what your family members really need.

How is the compensation divided if I choose more than one loved one as beneficiary?

When you choose several people as beneficiaries of your life insurance policy so that they can receive compensation if something happens to you, the money will be divided equally unless otherwise specified in the contract.

When selecting the people you want to protect and who will receive the insured capital contracted, you can divide it and select a percentage or a specific amount for each of them. For example, if you take out a €200,000 capital contract, you could choose for your partner to receive 50% or €100,000 and for each of your children to receive 25% or €50,000 each.

What if the beneficiary is my partner and he or she also dies?

It may happen, for example due to an accident, that both you and your designated beneficiary die at the same time. If he was the sole beneficiary, the life insurance will be included in the insured's estate and will be included in the will. If there is none, the legal heirs will receive it.

For this reason it is important to have more than one beneficiary. Thus, if the first dies, his or her share will go to the other beneficiary or beneficiaries. Or in the event of the death of the primary beneficiary, the contingent or secondary beneficiary will receive the money.

If, in another situation, the beneficiary of the insurance should die before the insured person, the policyholder can designate another person.

How can my family members make a claim on my life insurance policy?

The claim for compensation from the insurance company, i.e., the collection of the capital sum that was taken out, must be made only by the family member who is the beneficiary of the policy. First of all, the beneficiary must know that he/she is a beneficiary. If he/she does not have proof of this, he/she can check it with the life insurance certificate, which can be requested. Therefore, when taking out a life insurance policy, it is important to inform the beneficiary that it is a life insurance policy.

In order to collect the compensation, the first thing the beneficiary must do is to go to the insurer to notify the death and hand over the relevant documents. At Getlife, you can do this by calling 911 98 49 86 or by sending an email to

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