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If you need to declare a death or notify a disability, we can help you in any part of the process.


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The necessary documentation may vary according to the insurer and depending on whether the death was due to natural causes and illness or accident. In Getlife we will be with you in this painful moment advising you and helping you with all the necessary management.

The deadline for informing us of the death of the insured is 7 days. If this time is not sufficient to handle all the death documents and provided that the beneficiaries are not acting in bad faith, this period of time can be extended.

First you need to have the resolution of your disability from the National Institute of Social Security (INSS). Within the maximum period of 135 days by law you will receive the resolution in writing.

Once you have received the resolution of your disability from the INSS you can contact us through our email or by calling us at 911 98 49 86. The insurance company, after examining the documentation received, must make the payment within 40 days after the notification of the disability.

The documentation to be submitted may vary depending on the insurer, but the documents required are normally the policy number and the insurance conditions, the health questionnaire, medical reports with your medical history and treatments and above all the INSS resolution recognizing the absolute permanent disability.

At Getlife we have the support of the best insurers and reinsurers in Europe, in addition to advising you throughout the process of claiming compensation. However, it can happen that the payment is delayed or rejected.

Some of the possible reasons could be:

  • The policy expired before the time of death or disability.
  • The cause of death or disability is within the policy exclusions.
  • Failure of client information

Once the indemnity has been paid, we will confirm to you in writing that the contract term of the policy has ended. In the event that the policy has terminated as a result of a claim, Getlife will review this with you so that there is no doubt.