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How to file a complaint

Fill in a form

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Complaints and claims

1. Online by filling in the complaint form
Our experts will explain everything in an easy way. They are trained to transform all the legal jargon related to life insurance into a simple vocabulary that is perfectly understandable by everyone.
2. By sending an email to with the following information:
Name, surname, address and ID number of the person concerned. Description or reason for the complaint or claim. Department in which the events giving rise to the complaint took place. Attach the documentary evidence on which the complaint or claim is based.
3. Calling our complaints hotline 911 98 49 86


If we have not been able to help you from our Customer Service department, you can file a complaint or claim either by filling in our form (Link to the form) or by sending an email to or by calling our complaints telephone number 951 12 01 44

Claims can be made by policyholders, policyholders and beneficiaries of the life insurance policy.

Once the complaint has been processed, insurance companies, brokers or insurance intermediaries have a maximum period of 2 months to resolve the complaints and claims of their customers. If the insured person does not agree with the decision or does not receive a reply within 2 months, he/she can file a complaint with the Directorate General for Insurance and Pension Funds.

From Getlife we will help you in everything you need. If you are not satisfied with the decision of our Customer Service Department, you can turn to the Policyholder Protection Service of the Directorate General for Insurance and Pension Funds.

At Getlife you can contact the «policyholder ombudsman» when you have a complaint or claim. Its main function is mediation in the case of any conflict and its resolution. It shall be completely independent in order to guarantee total impartiality and objectivity in the resolution of complaints.